Thursday, September 2, 2010

More Fall Beauty Tips

Summer is winding down.  It is hard to see it go.  But Fall is a beautiful season also.  I love the Fall colors and the cool, crisp air in the mornings.  Here are a few more fall beauty tips that I found while searching the web:

Lip Love

Fall’s fashion-forward trends include high-powered colors for your pout.

Make a Statement

• Brick red, deep plum and bright pink are big hits with celebrities this fall.
• Carefully line your lips using a liner one shade darker than your lipstick. Then, apply your lip color, and carry it with you for quick touch-ups.
• Finish with clear lip gloss.

Balance The Look

• If you used bold eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara on your eyes, tone down your lips with a nude shade. If you used gold highlighter, pick a matte finish for your lips. If you didn’t use metallic colors on your eyes, choose a gloss.

Nail It

Fall’s hot nail shades follow eye-shadow tones; you can even match your nail color to your eye shadow.

• Green, bronze, silver, navy and deep plum are popular shade choices.
• If you choose a dark color, file your nails square and short so that they withstand housework and your busy schedule.
• Time-saving tip: Paint your nails before you shower so that any mistakes wash away.

Fall Foundation

Fall’s bold eye and lip trends should be contrasted with a matte, natural foundation. Couple light, cream-based foundations with translucent powder. Mineral foundation will give you a pure, natural finish, too.

Light Blush

This season, go easy on the blush. Lightly apply peach, earth tones or coral blush — or skip it all together.

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