Thursday, September 15, 2011

New!! Cappuccino Milk Bath

Greetings to all of my readers!  I know that I have been MIA for awhile.  I've been busy getting new products ready for Fall and Christmas.  I would like to share one of our new products with you today.  It is our luxurious Natural Cappucino Milk Bath.

We make our Natural Cappucino Milk Bath with baking soda, Mediterranean Sea Salt, oat flour, whole milk powder, unsweetened cocoa powder and body safe Creamy Vanilla fragrance oil.

The beauty benefits from using our Natural Cappucion Milk Bath are fantastic!

The baking soda has skin smoothing and softening properties.  Sea salts help to relieve dry and itchy skin as well as serious conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.  A sea salt bath naturally opens up the pores, improves circulation in the skin and and hydrates the tissues so that your skin can heal.  Oat flor is an excellent multi-purpose skin care treatment.  It helps to relieve dryness, restoring natural moisture balance.  Cleopatra knew about the beautifying properties of milk; she took baths in it!  Skin-softening, moisturizing, and filled with nutrients, milk has been a favorite beauty aid for ages!
The skin softening properties of chocolate comes directly from its major content, the cocoa butter. Chocolate is extremely rejuvenating for your skin and refreshes the skin. It has turned out to be an excellent beauty ingredient and is being heavily used in beauty care treatments for its skin softening ingredients. It is an exceptional natural moisturizer which makes your skin soft and supple. 
The anti-oxidants also known as anti-aging allies in dark chocolate helps to avoid and prevents the free radicals from damaging the skin’s elastin, collagen and various other proteins. Therefore, chocolate is used in various beauty treatments to smooth out the wrinkles.  The fat content in cocoa butter is made of high quality linoleic acid which gives chocolates the ability to diminish fine lines, and reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Chocolaty treatments help the skin to gradually regain its lost elasticity and aids in getting back one's youthful glow. Chocolate cures also protect the skin from the harmful effects of sun exposure and pollution. 

If you are a chocolate lover, you'll absolutely love our new Natural Cappuccino Milk Bath. 
You can find our Natural Cappuccino Milk Bath on our website at

Our Natural Cappucino Milk Bath would make a great gift for Christmas!

As always, I try every new product and I loved the way my skin felt after relaxing in this milk bath. 

**The cocoa powder may temporarily discolor the bath tub but cleans off with a bathroom cleaner.