Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Texas Adventures Part 6 - McKinney, Texas

Well, it has been quite awhile since I've written a Texas Adventure.  Life can get extremely busy now and then and certain things have to be put on the back burner. 
But . . . now it is time to take another Texas Adventure to McKinney, Texas.

McKinney is located 30 miles north of Dallas.  There is an extremely large Historic Downtown with quaint boutique shops, a large variety of dining options and entertainment.  McKinney hosts a large number of seasonal events which includes Red White & BOOM, the Killis Melton Ice Cream Cran-Off, Oktoberfest, and Dickens of a Christmas. Also during the Christmas holidays, plan to attend Home For The Holidays and the Chestnut Square Holiday Tour of Homes.
Let's go exploring now . .  You can attend performances or art shows at the McKinney Performing Arts Center which is housed in the historic Collin County Courthouse; find a treasure at Third Monday Trade Days; experience the city's history at the Heard-Craig House, the Chestnut Square Historic Village, the North Texas History Center and the Pecan Grove Cemetary.  Now, it is time to commune with nature at the Heard Natural Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary where you can take a walk on the nature trails or check out the rope course and the zip line.  Then, it is on to the changing exhibits and the annual visit of Dinosaurs Alive!
Next, we are on to visit the McKinney wineries! 1st stop is the Landon Winery, located at 101 N. Kentucky, 2nd stop is the Lone Star Wine Cellars located at 103 W. Virginia, 3rd stop is the Wales Manor Winery located at 4488 CR 408 (east of Highway 5/north of U.S. 380); 4th and final stop is Zin Zen Wine Bar & Bistro located at 6841 W. Virginia Parkway.
Now we are off to The Dr Pepper StarCenter McKinney at Craig Ranch, which has two sheets of ice, a full-service StarStuff pro shop, a snack bar and four meeting rooms. The StarCenter will be the home to two hockey associations -- the McKinney Ice Hockey Club which fields teams in the AT&T High School Hockey League, and the Texas Aces, which fields travel teams of all ages in the North Texas Hockey League.
It's outdoor time next!  We are visiting Towne Lake Recreation Area.  This picturesque city park features a 22-acre lake with swan paddle boats, lighted hike/bike trails, two picnic pavilions, restroom/concession services, playground, two sand volleyball courts, nine lighted horseshoe courts, fishing pier, six lighted recreation softball/baseball fields. Park is handicapped accessible. The park is located at 1405 Wilson Creek Parkway @ Central Expressway. You definitely have to try the Duck/Swan Paddle Boat Rentals at Towne Lake:  $15 per boat for 30 minutes. Up to 4 people on bigger boats, 3 people per duck or swan. Children must be 36 inches tall. Open weekdays 3 p.m to dark and weekends 11 a.m. to dark. Open earlier weekdays after Memorial Day.
What a fun filled day we had!  And now, as the Texas sun sets on McKinney, I bid ya'll good night!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Reminder!! "Name That Fragrance" Contest at Yellow Rose Gifts, Company

Just wanted to remind all of my readers about the "Name That Fragrance" Contest.
Contest runs through Friday, May 13.  Winner will receive a 6 oz. candle in the new fragrance.
The fragrance to name is:  "I am lemon and apple with anise, cinnamon and ginger with a hint of
woods, musk and vanilla."
To enter the contest, comment on this post with your unique name for the fragrance.

Friday, May 6, 2011

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Another "Name That Fragrance" Contest!

My "Name That Fragrance" Contests have been very successful!  I really enjoy seeing the unique names that my readers come up with.  So...I am having another contest.  This contest will run through Friday, May 13.  The lucky winner will receive a 6 oz. candle of the new fragrance.

Name this fragrance:  "I am lemon and apple with anise, cinnamon and ginger with hints of woods, musk and vanilla.

Ya'll put your thinking caps on and find a unique name for this fragrance! 

To enter, place your comment on this post.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Winner! "Name That Fragrance" Contest at Yellow Rose Gifts, Company

Congratulations to Susan S. of only the who is the winner of our 3rd "Name That  Fragrance"Contest.  The fragrance to name was "I am a blend of pine, apples and cinnamon, bayberry with a touch of holly, and a hint of vanilla."  Susan entered the name "Forest Bakery".  Susan will be receiving a 6 oz. "Forest Bakery" candle.
Thanks to everyone who entered the contest!

Be watching for our next "Name That Fragrance" contest.