Wednesday, September 15, 2010

2010 Fall Hair Trends

The Fall season is just about on us.  Some women like to spice things up when the seasons change.  So, I decided to do a little research on the 2010 Fall Hair Trends and then share them with my readers.  The following is what I found to be the Hot, New Hair for this Fall.

Soft curls are all the rage right now, and are fun to create on all hair types. They're also a fairly simple way to change up your look, day or night.  To achieve this look start with clean, damp hair. Mist with a strong hair spray like Redken’s Wool Shake, and blow dry. Next use a 1" barrel curling iron (nothing wider, or the curl will be too loose), and coat your hair with more hairspray for extra staying power. Those with fine hair will need to go heavier on the product. Not so skillful with an iron? Set your hair with hot rollers!

Multi-toned hair color is the go-to style of the season, and many celebs are going after the same look that gradually fades from darker roots to lighter ends in the same color family. This is a great fall style, since your summer highlights will already be growing out. Choose a dye that looks like your natural hair color and dye only the top part of your hair. Be very careful when rinsing out to lift up your ends so the dark dye won’t transfer.

Bangs are back!  Long Layers are in!  So is Sleek and Straight.

And the hair color for this fall is....... RED!


  1. Hi, Thanks for posting on my site. I had to check out your Blog and I knew I would like you! I love your postings, the curly hair, Tea Tree post everything I love, Great advice and products:)