Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Product!! Doggie Shampoo Bar

I would like to tell you about one of my new products, the Doggie Shampoo Bar.  Our Doggie Shampoo Bar is made with a white natural glycerin soap base.  We then add Castor Oil, Vitamin E Oil, and liquid Glycerin.  It is then scented with Peppermint Essential Oil and Tea Tree Essential Oil.  Since Peppermint Oil is an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and astringent, it helps relieve pets of their most common topical skin problems, while it acts to cool and relieve irritated skin associated with flea bites and other minor skin irritations.  It is also a great bug repellent.  Tea Tree is a natural anti-inflammatory oil that helps speed up the healing process of itchy, chafed skin and hot spots caused by flea bites, itching, dandruff, or other dermatitis.  Helps to heal bites, oily skin, ringworm, sores, cuts and abrasions.

To purchase a bar for your precious pet, visit http://www.yellowrosegiftsco.com/

Your dog will love you for it!

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