Monday, September 27, 2010

What's HOT for Fall!

Okay, ladies, admit it!  We still like to be in style no matter what our age.  So, I did a little research to see what we need to purchase to be "Hotties" this Fall.

#1     The Sexy Turtleneck
#2     Velvet & Velour
#3     Capes & Ponchos
#4     Big Beautiful Pants
#5     Patchwork

Ok, so "The Sexy Turtleneck", I don't like and never did; makes me feel like I'm choking.  The Velvet & Velour I can go with.  I love that type of material.  Capes & Ponchos?  Is this to go along with the recent fascination with Vampires?  There's no way you're getting me in a pair of "Big Beautiful Pants".  I certainly don't need to look like I've gained more weight than I actually have.  The Patchwork...I can handle wearing that. 

So...ladies, what's your take on my What's Hot for Fall?  Leave me a comment and follow my blog and you'll be entered to win a 6 oz. Autumn Wreath Soy Candle from my website, Yellow Rose Gifts, Company.

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