Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our Oatmeal Bath Soak

I would like to tell you about one of my products today.  It is my Oatmeal Bath Soak.  With the colder weather coming soon, this product will help relieve the dry, itchy skin that we all get during the cold, winter months.

Our Oatmeal Bath Soak is made with Oatmeal, Castile Soap and Almond Meal.  We then fragrance it with Lavender Essential Oil.  Oatmeal and its natural coat moisturize, protect and gently cleanse, while correcting the pH of itchy or dry skin.  Castile soap moisturizes the skin and almond meal rejuvenates the skin.

Lavender Essential Oil is a great aid for relaxing and winding down before bedtime, yet has balancing properties that can also boost stamina and energy.

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