Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Citronella Candles

Our Citronella Candles are made with a soy/ paraffin wax blend.  This wax blend lasts longer than plain paraffin wax.  It also has an excellent scent throw.   Each candle has a special citronella candle wick. Burn time is approximately 65 hours.

The Summer Citronella Candles are available in either a pink bucket or a purple bucket and decorated with fun summer stickers.

The Fourth of July Citronella Candles are available in either a blue bucket or a red bucket and decorated wtih fun Fourth of July stickers.

Available Fragrances:

Citronella Berry

Citronella, Lavender & Cedarwood Blend

        10 oz. Candle     $10.00 each

Our fragranced Citronella Candles smell great.  They are not the smelly Citronella candles that you purchase in the stores and they last way longer!!

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