Monday, January 17, 2011

Candle Spotlight #6 - Valentine's Day Gift

Today's Spa Candle Spotlight is "Paradise Found".   Paradise Found is a lush and tropical sensory experience.  Let yourself drift away on gentel breezes to a lush island paradise.  Paradise Found combines the essence of pear, mango, & pineapple with pikake and tropical red ginger blossoms to harmonize perfectly in a floral fruit combo.  Paradise Found is fresh, fun and energizing with its crisp fruit notes and clean, light floral accents. 

Each of our Spa Candles are in an 8 oz. Tureen Jar, are handpoured with natural soy wax and have a lead free wick. Burn time on an 8 oz. Soy Tureen candle is approximately 50 hours.

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My candles are "The Best of the Best!" All of my candles are 100% Guaranteed.

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