Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Candle Spotlight #1 - Valentine's Day Gift

Need something different for Valentine's Day?  My Spa Candle Line is a BIG Seller for Valentine's Day Gifts.  I have decided to spotlight a different Spa Candle Fragrance each day so make sure you read my blog every day to see the Spa Candle of the day.

Today's Spa Candle Fragrance Spotlight is "Jacuzzi".   Jacuzzi is a liquid accord of fresh ozone and watery green tones leading to a cool bouquet of white flowers to create this fantasy fragrance.  Hints of forest pine and warm cedar balance with smooth fruity undertones for drama.  A generous musk base is sweetened with golden amber to stimulate the senses.

Each of our Spa Candles are in an 8 oz. Tureen Jar, are handpoured with natural soy wax and have a lead free wick.  Burn time on an 8 oz. Soy Tureen candle is approximately 50 hours.

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My candles are "The Best of the Best!"  All of my candles are 100% Guaranteed.

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