Saturday, June 19, 2010

Why Your Skin Needs A Salt Glow

A salt glow can bring forward refreshed, glowing, and revitalized skin. A salt glow can be performed at home. The exfoliation process sloughs off dull and dry skin, revealing your fresh and renewed layer. A salt glow is also the perfect way to embrace the changing seasons, as it generates heat and natural moisture for some increased benefits.

During the colder months, your natural circulation and metabolism can slow down significantly to accommodate for the changes in temperature. As a result, it’s beneficial to stick with a consistent exercise regiment, as well as staying well hydrated. With the growing desire for most of us to cozy up by a fireplace or other heat source for hours at a time, skin can dry up very quickly and easily. It’s important to drink plenty of water throughout the day, as well as moisturize with a healing and skin-strengthening body butter on a regular basis. Shea butter is an excellent source for some vital skin nutrients, and Vitamin E additions will help your skin’s elasticity.

A regular salt glow, even as little as once per month, will reveal a fresh layer of skin instantly.

You can now give yourself a Salt Glow treatment in the privacy of your own bath with one of our New Natural Salt Glows. We carry a Citrus Salt Glow or a Lemongrass Salt Glow.

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