Monday, January 16, 2012

Have a date night at the gym!

You and your better half may be at different fitness levels and have entirely different goals, but you can still receive wonderful benefits from working out together.  Here are just a few reasons to start exercising with your better half:

With someone else watching your form and being there to spot you when you need it, you'll exercise more safely than if you were alone.

Quality time:
Due to careers, busy lifestyles and other responsibilities, many coules spend most of their time apart; instead of hitting the gym alone, plan a workout time that fits both of your schedules.  You'll reach your fitness goals, without sacrificing the one-on-one time that every partnership needs.

Rekindle that spark:
Exercise causes your brain to release endorphins which elicits feelings of happiness, reduces stress and increases arousal and libido.  Studies show that men and women who exercise regularly have a greater physical attraction to their mates and a deeper emotional bond.

Love for a lifetime:
Taking care of your body and your health shows the person you care about that you want to be your best for them and that you want to be around for years to come.

In many couples, one partner tends to favor cardio (mainly women) while the other tends to favor strength training (men).  By working out together you can balance your fitness program to include more of both.

There are a lot of exercises that you can do solo, but when you work out with your partner you can also try some new moves.  Try taking salsa dancing lessons, couples yoga, or just cycling side-by-side.

It works:
Studies show that couples who exercise together increase their chances of reaching their fitness goals by 90 percent!

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