Friday, August 5, 2011

Fall Candle Premier!!

Once again it is the month of August and the month of September is just around the corner.  Summer will be over and the kids will be heading back to school.  That is hard to believe!  It seems to me that the summers go by quicker each passing year.  I have been busy the past month researching and choosing new candle fragrances for the 2011 Fall Season.  I will be previewing 2 new fragrances each day.  Make sure you purchase your favorite quickly so that it can be handpoured and sent to you before the Fall season begins!

Premier #1
 Autumn Sunset
 A cheerful fall welcome with the spicy warmth of autumn leaves, cinnamon apples, nutmeg and
 clove.  Candle color is orange.

Premier #2
County Fair
An irresistible blend of juicy apples, rounded out with notes of sweet plums and ripened
strawberries; enhanced with a slash of lime, orange zests, with sharp green notes. Candle color is red.

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