Thursday, April 21, 2011

Being a Mom - A Journey Unlike No Other

By Sara A Broers

OK~ So you think you want to be a Mom? As a Mom to a twenty year old son and a soon to be 16 year old, this Momʼs advice is, “Hang on Tight, and Pray, Pray, Pray!” My boys have given me much joy, as well as a few tears along the way. Life is truly a journey AND itʼs up to YOU to decide how much joy you will have in the journey!

Iʼm thinking.......5 top reasons why being a Mom is truly the best job in the world-

1. In what other occupation is it OK to be up for more than 24 hours straight while snuggling with a little baby and a cozy blanket? A wonderful time in a Momʼs life, as well as her childʼs.

2. Singing, Singing, Singing. There are many Moms who are professional singers.  Although they may not be recognized by the Grammy Association, yet their children think they have the BEST voices in the world!

3. A toy tester....There are not many positions within the workforce that say, “OK, test all these toys to make sure the batteries are charged!” Lets face it, Moms get to play a lot....and the smiles on a youngster are truly priceless and more.

4. And then there comes the day when we get to toss the car keys to our kids and say, “Drive Safe!” This is where a TON of prayer comes into play, need I say more?

5. The day the diploma is in hand- This is the day where a few tears are shed and as a Mom you know you have done the best job you could.

You may ask, “What is so hard about that?” Well, this is 18 years worth of dedication and love! Life is a journey and it truly is what we make out of it! You can let others decide the path of your life OR you can take the reigns and be in control. I have chosen to be in control, while knowing the man upstairs is walking next to me every step of the way. It is through my faith and a supportive husband that I have walked through this journey of Motherhood.

Iʼm proud of the fact that I live in the country....where the air is clean and my boys are growing into responsible (I know there is hope) individuals! Life is a roller coaster and I have savored every moment......Life is good....Enjoy the ride.......Become a Mom....Youʼll be glad you did! After All, Itʼs All In a Momʼs Day, Right?

Sara is a blogger, social media account manager, writer, and speaker that resides in Iowa. She has been married for 24 years and has two sons. You can follow Sara on twitter @saramomof2 or find her at All In An Iowa Momʼs Day.

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  1. truly being a mom is rewarding and i'm proud of being one :) following you back, thanks for visiting my site. you have a great day!

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