Thursday, March 31, 2011

Texas Adventures Part 3 - Weatherford, Texas

And our Texas Adventures continues with Weatherford, Texas! 

The town of Historic Weatherford is located 26 miles west of Ft. Worth on I-20.  In Weatherford, you can take a nostalgic driving tour that takes you through tree-lined streets with Victorian and turn-of-the- century homes.  The historic downtown area has various quaint antique and specialty shops that are in restored buildings.  Annual events include the Sheriff's Posse Rodeo in June; the Parker County Peach Festival and Peach Pedal Bike Ride on the second Saturday in July; the Candlelight Tour of Home, Christmas on the Square and Christmas Parade in December.  Another fantastic event not to be missed is the First Monday Trade Days held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday proceeding the first Monday of each month.
Make sure that you don't miss visiting the Chandor Gardens. Chandor Gardens was built by famed English portrait artist Douglas Chandor for his Weatherford bride.  The Gardens capture both the elegance of a formal English garden and the ornate design of Chinese architecture. From the 30-foot waterfall to soothing fountains, from a bowling green to secret hideaways, Chandor Gardens will capture your awe and wonder at every turn.  Another must see is the Museum of the Americas.  It is located in historic downtown Weatherford.  The Museum features the rich heritage and living traditions of indigenous peoples from Native America, Mexico, and Latin America. Discover how the Eskimos of Alaska and Canada developed crafts and a way of life very different from the tribes of the Amazon; or how the Plains Indians followed the buffalo while the Aztecs built great civilizations. The Museum offers hundreds of artifacts, masks, ceramics, costumes, toys and more, of interest to people of all ages.  And last but not least are the Clark Gardens Botanical Park.  These spectacular gardens will awaken your senses to the natural wonders of Texas. Clark Gardens began in 1977 and opened to the public in 2000, as the personal dream of Max and Billie Clark. Open daily, year-round, visitors can wade through a sea of rainbow-hued iris, relax in the perfumed shade of a rose arbor, or stroll along the flower-laden banks of a sun dappled pond. By using Texas adaptive plants and through an extensive system of conserving and collecting water Clark Gardens hopes to inspire and educate those that visit.
Did you love the show "Dallas" (like I did, never missed an episode!)?  Well, Weatherford is where Larry Hagman, "J.R. Ewing", grew up.  On the historic homes tour, you will see Mary Martin's (Larry's mother) home.
Weatherford has a City population of 24,000 and a County population of 112,000.  Weatherford is known for it’s community and family oriented way of life that makes it one of the premier places to live in the north Texas area.

I hope you had a grand time touring Weatherford with me!


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